by E.VonBruck


When I was three years old, I was gripped with fear due to the relentless bombings during World War II. I spent my days wondering what it would be like to die if a bomb fell on our house (like in the entire neighborhood). All I could envision was utter darkness, complete isolation and horror.

At age five, a friend of the family, who knew the Lord intimately, prayed with me and I knew that there was a caring God. But He seemed far away. When I was about eight years old, I had a vision of Jesus, brighter than the sun, whiter than snow. I knew instantly that He was the Son of God and that I needed to repent of my sins. A few years later, I heard that He shed His blood for the forgiveness of my sins and for the gift of eternal life. I was so amazed at His love for me that I gratefully opened my heart to receive Him as my Lord and Savior.

In my later teens, upon reading the entire Bible, I realized that I needed to commit my life to the Lord, even if it meant dying in His service. I thought of all the people I had met personally, some of them missionaries and friends of families who had suffered greatly in their hostile environments because of their unwavering faith in Christ.

In the ensuing years, my life had many ups and downs, twists and turns, trials and temptations, joys and deep sorrows, afflictions and healings, abuse and abandonment. During one of the most painful hours, God manifested His love in a most profound way: I was surrounded by a glorious cloud of the fire and presence of God. For several months I was immersed in this heavenly atmosphere from which I emerged with more passion and zeal to pass on the good news of God's unspeakable love
and glory.

This intense encounter enabled me to seek God daily as I walked through the deep valleys and over the mountain tops of my life. It also equipped me to help others cross turbulent waters and to reach the green pastures of God's presence. The desire and burden to testify of God's love and power to the world intensifies as the day of Christ's return draws nearer. The harvest is truly ripe and the laborers are few. Who will go to bring the good news ? Here am I, Lord, send me.



The miracles in creating the video "Hope of Glory" :

Many years ago, I lived at L'Abri, a Christian community and ministry high up in the Swiss Alps. One afternoon I was playing some classical pieces on the piano. I came to an abrupt halt and bowed my head unto the ivory piano keys and prayed, "O God, could You give me some music to express My love for You and to glorify You ?" Within that hour my fingers started to softly glide along the keys creating gentle, heavenly sounds fitting for a loving Savior and King. That was a true miracle for me, since I have no natural talent to play any instrument "by ear", that is, without the guidance of musical notes. Some time later, lyrics started to come with the music. It felt like I was touched by the finger of God.

In the ensuing decades, the music that God gave me to create increasingly ushered me and the people listening into the presence of God with thanksgiving, prophetic words, worship and praise. The music and words seemed to burn in my heart like fire. Even though these occurrences could never be compared with dimensions of Biblical events, they reminded me of the Scripture verses," 'Is not My word like fire?' says the Lord" [Jer. 23:29] and "He gave Moses two ... tablets of stone written with the finger of God" [Ex 31:18]. The music and words that came to me from the throne of God seemed to burn into the "tablets" of my heart and transform those listening, yielding to and welcoming God's presence and holy fire.



About half way through the production of the video the entire work suddenly vanished from the computer and seemed to have disappeared into fiber space. No one knew what had happened. Thousands of
dollars and miles of traveling and hundreds of hours of filming and editing seemed lost. It was devastating. After much fasting and praying and asking help from various computer specialists, the work miraculously reappeared in someone’s computer in Texas. Even that particular expert did not know how it suddenly reappeared. It was a mystery and a very welcomed gift from God. It was like finding a precious pearl, a prized gift from the Lord.

The hardest trial came when my friend Gloria accidentally burned her hand by the wax dripping from candles during filming "Altar". She sustained serious, debilitating burns on the skin. The doctors at the hospital did not promise a full recovery. Even though I insisted for my friend to return home to be cared for, she refused to be hindered to fulfill her calling and dream. She passionately continued to travel, to pray and to worship in dance for the glory of the Lord. It was truly an astounding testimony of perseverance and sacrifice on her part to fulfill God's assignment and the call in her life to demonstrate the love of God at all cost. Even though she had to relinquish working at her regular job and even though she was quite traumatized by this injury, she never complained but trusted and honored God who, in time, totally healed her hand.

Another trying circumstance occurred during a sudden thunderstorm at Niagara Falls. Within twenty minutes of filming a sudden downpour of heavy rain caused me to slip on a wet rock and to drop my camcorder which continued its slide towards the edge of the hill and disappear. After much prayer and waiting for the torrential rains to stop, I mustered up the courage to look for the camcorder somewhere down the steep hill. Instead of finding it smashed to pieces, I found it lying quite safely in the leafy branches of a bush. It was so much like the Lord, I thought. His hands carry us and protect us from harm and place us in a safe place.



The rewards of persevering throughout our trials sometimes far surpassed our expectations. One such unexpected delight came by way of a friend's physical healing while she watched excerpts of the unfinished video. Another was the unexpected opportunity to preach the gospel at a New England shore. It was sunrise and we were filming "Bride". Two young college age guys approached our filming area and sneaked around, apparently looking to see if we had cameras or camcorders or maybe wallets to snatch while we were busy filming. I stopped filming and, pointing to the wooden cross I had placed on the rocks, with a loud voice proceeded to preach the gospel and exhorted them to repent and come to God. My action surprised them, as it surprised even me. The word of God humbled them and, before they left, they promised to consider the word that had been spoken to them.

One funny, joyous moment came while filming my friend dressed as a bride, representing the Bride of Christ. She seemed to be light enough to walk on top of a two feet snowdrift at the side of a road in the Rocky Mountains. The icy top of the snowdrift suddenly cracked, however, and her feet sank into the deep snow, leaving her helplessly stuck. Her husband came to her rescue and, after lifting her to safety, gave her a loving kiss. Just then a car passed by. Thinking that we were a wedding party, the passengers opened the windows of the car and shouted, "Congratulations! Have a great marriage!" We laughed joyously. How fitting, we thought. This video is about how Christ came to rescue us, His bride, and to lift us to His loving side. That is why we love Him and worship Him.